AXON offers a new perspective on the fascinating world of attentional assessment by providing a unique, objective tools which produce attentional profiles of people in different ages to assist them at various stages of their live.


AXON™ School, designed for K-12 students, facilitates communication and activities around the students’ attentional world by connecting teachers, parents and pupils through a new language that focusses on the student attentional world. By doing so, Axon School assists in establishing optimal performance at school and in life in general.

AXON™ School is based on Neurotech’s powerful Attentional Engine that uses an on-line, cloud-based animated test of 14-18 minutes long to determine attentional skills relevant to compose a detailed map of an individual attentional world. The Engine was developed by Neurotech over the course of three years with the assistance of the Child Neurologic Department of Hadassa hospital in Israel and validated with over 10 published clinical studies covering the ages of 6-70.

Educational teams are under immense pressure from management and parents to dramatically influence student achievements, guard for their physical safety and even support their psychological wellbeing. Through understanding the attentional world of each child individually and as it relates to the entire class or grade, AXON™ School equips educational teams and teachers with a better understanding on how to reach children, and help them build their confidence.

AXON™ School creates an attentional profile of the individual student, the entire class and grade, highlighting important information and suggesting ways to help children learn and function better at school and beyond. AXON™ School can provide concrete evidence to support the educational team’s professional approach; to better understand student needs and facilitate a parent-teacher communication about their child’s attentional challenges.

Why choose AXON™ School?

  • Uses the most powerful, accurate and reliable attentional test in the market.
  • Creates a new world of understanding around the student with the potential to make an important and lasting change for the better.
  • Enriches the student’s eco-system with insights beyond school, insights that he may learn to use as he grows into adulthood, giving him a better chance to make it in the real world.
  • By narrowing gaps between weaker and stronger students Axon™ School has the potential of reducing school dropouts and position the school for a higher grades average.
  • Easy-to-use, cloud-base, secured solution accessible from anywhere, anytime.

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