The first step is to determine if your child has a concentration problem:

We have now made it possible to assess your child at home, at your convenience by using our computerized attention test for children 6-18 years old. When completed you will receive guidance on the next steps in diagnosing Attention Deficit Disorder and a detailed report with recommendations and practical tools that you can apply.  After purchase, the test can be performed at any time on a PC.

Developed with expert clinicians

From the fields of medicine, child development, psychology and diagnosis

Provides a clear picture quickly

A few hours after the test, you will receive the SeeMe Parent Report; a detailed and clear report with personalized results and recommendations

User-friendly and accessible

The test is designed as a fun computer game, lasting just 18 minutes, and can be done from home any time you want

If you have reached us, you probably suspect that your child has attention difficulties

Nice to meet you, we are Neurotech, the experts behind the Moxo test. This test has been used within clinics for over ten years as an important part of the ADHD diagnosis process, with over 350,000 tests performed so far. We are passionate about attention profiling and making it possible for every child to be a happy, well rounded individual.

Parents are often worried about the difficulties their child was experiencing related to attentiveness and/or ADHD, such as::

  • bad behavior, mood swings, emotional turmoil
  • lack of focus, feeling disorganized, daydreaming
  • poor school performance, careless mistakes
  • sleeping or eating issues

Most parents simply don’t know where to start witht the diagnostic process.  Some parents do not want to wait until the end of a long diagnostic process in order to receive assistance, tools and peace of mind.

To offer a safe solution to these difficulties, we have developed SeeMe: a clinically-validated home test that gives a clear picture of your child’s attention characteristics before approaching the diagnostic stage. SeeMe provides the information you need in a fast, accessible and understandable language to help you take control back into your own hands.

What the experts say

How does SeeMe work and what results will you see?

Attention or concentration is a broad concept that includes a variety of abilities: the ability to be attentive in boring situations, to remain attentive over time, to show restraint, and the ability to control self, responses and movements.

With the help of expert clinicians from a variety of fields – including pediatrics, child development, psychology and psychiatry, it has allowed us to find the specific attention profile that is appropriate for each child and give customized recommendations accordingly.

After completing the test, on the same day, you will receive a detailed report on your child’s attention profile which includes:

  1. Recommendation whether you should pursue a clinical diagnosis of ADHD
  2. A list of personalized, practical recommendations for improving attentional abilities.

These recommendations are provided with each test, regardless of the diagnostic recommendation, and focus on the following areas:

  • Parent communication
  • Time management
  • Optimal learning environment
  • Creating success

What parents say

“The registration is convenient, very easy and clear. The report is also simple and clear. In my opinion, a great product for the home market that allows each parent to have a preliminary diagnosis of the situation.”

Yafit, senior at high-tech industry,
Mother to 10 year old girl

“I printed the pages and I first of all enjoyed the results! The details of the test components and its results are accurate, significant and promote processes for change and improvement accordingly. I’m really surprised at the precise analysis”

Lital, an elementary school teacher,
Mother to 16 year old girl

“I am completely surprised by the precise and detailed analysis that makes me want to check myself too !!!”

Daniella, a high school educator,
Mother to 9 year old girl


What’s special about SeeMe?

It is clinically validated and developed by experts. And unlike other tests, SeeMe examines attention and concentration capabilities under the influence of visual and auditory distractions similar to what happens in the “real” world. SeeMe test is also the only test to come with a free, customized SeeMee Parent Report full of helpful tips and resources to help you and your child thrive.

Does SeeMe diagnose ADHD?

The short answer is – no. ADHD is a complex process that requires clinical evaluation, sometimes by a number of qualified professionals and using various assessment tools. SeeMe does not replace such a diagnosis, but it can direct you if a diagnosis is needed.

What ages is the test suitable for?

The test is suitable for children in ages 6-18.

How long does the test take?

For boys and girls aged 6-12 the test takes about 15 minutes. The test for adolescents, aged 13 and over, takes about 18.5 minutes.

Must my child take the test straight after purchase?

No, you can purchase the test and perform it any time you want.

How does the whole process work?


  1. Completing the test: The test can be done at any time. If you want to do the test immediately, you can do it right from your browser – Please note: The test can only be done from a desktop computer and not from the mobile phone. Once completed, the test cannot be performed again.
  2. Receiving Results: A few hours after the child completes the test, you will receive two emails: one with a link to download the results report PDF, and the other with a password for the file. You should keep the password because the file will always be protected and you will need to enter it at every opening.
  3. Review the results: The results report will provide guidance on the need for diagnosis and personally costumed recommendations that you can implement immediately. Good Luck!

What should I do with the results?

If the results of the test indicate the existence of attention difficulties, it is advisable to consult a qualified professional to clarify the source of the difficulties and to recommend treatment. At the same time, and even if there are no attention difficulties, it is recommended that you implement the report recommendations to help your child cope better with their educational requirements and begin to experience more happiness on a daily basis.

Should I review the results of the test with the children?

The SeeMe Parent Report you receive after the assessment is completed is for parents and includes recommendations and practical tools tailored for your children. In the first step, we recommend you sit down and read the report yourself. Then, you may want to highlight some major issues and practical changes that you would like to discuss with your children to implement and improve their abilities.

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